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Why Choose ABA SPC Flooring?

Jul. 21, 2020
SPC Flooring: Also known as Solid Polymer Core flooring. Rigid products are made from highly dense extruded core material to allow for easy click installation over imperfect subfloors, with heavy traffic performance capabilities, and is almost always offered with a cushion backing for enhanced comfort underfoot and better sound absorption. 
SPC rigid core flooring is available in 3 construction types: Basic style、AB and ABA. 

SPC floor that consists of one layer only (Basic style)
LVT sheet + SPC rigid core  (AB Two layers)
LVT sheet + SPC rigid core + LVT sheet (ABA Three layers)

ABA construction process consists of balancing layers of vinyl below and above the core. ABA core is much more stable dimensionally in terms of performance and provides better underfoot feels. The best thing about the ABA structure is that it keeps the rigid character of SPC and adds the soft touch of PVC vinyl flooring. This is a premium SPC that offers better embossing options, great sound absorption and a thicker product overall.
ABA SPC rigid core flooring is suitable for families with old people, children and pregnant women. Flexible elasticity technology can reduce impact and effectively protect family health. It is mainly used in shopping malls, hotels, nursing homes, schools, hospitals, gyms and other places.

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