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How to choose spc flooring?

Jan. 24, 2019
For SPC flooring, DECNO use 100% virgin materials, and use the new technolodgy UV painting, which the performance of SPC flooring is very good. 
Do you know how to check the good quality SPC flooring and normal/bad quality SPC flooring ? Please check below: 
1. Materials check by color: 
The core color of virgin material SPC flooring and recycle material core SPC flooring are different: 
 - the color of virgin material SPC flooring is light yellow or light white;  
 - while the color of recycle material SPC flooring is a grey color. 

How to choose spc flooring?cid=17

2. Materials check by flashlight:  Have you used the flashlight to check from the back of SPC flooring? 
 - For 100% virgin materials, you can see the light spot on the surface, like the picture attached;  

 - For recycle materials, you can not see any light spot on the surface. 

How to choose spc flooring?cid=17

3. Stain-resistance: Have you write the words by mark pen on the surface of SPC flooring and try to wipe it out ? 
 - For normal surface of SPC flooring, you can not wipe out the words of mark pen; 

 - While you can wipe out the words of mark pen for good quality stain-resistance SPC flooring, such as DECNO SPC flooring. 

How to choose spc flooring?cid=17

I think they are the advantages of DECNO SPC flooring, which you can also show to the your buyers in the future, and it will makes you different and more competitive in your market. 

Many other SPC flooring factories use recycle PVC materials in their production which the color is grey and can not see the light spot of flashlight test. 

They also use the bad UV paint which the stain resistance of SPC flooring is bad which can not wipe out. 

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