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What Is Shower SPC Wall Panel? Features And Benefits?

Feb. 02, 2024

Bathroom shower SPC wall panels refer to SPC wall panels. SPC wall panel is a new type of wall decoration material, which is usually widely used in the decoration of humid environments such as bathrooms and shower rooms. Since the bathroom is an environment with high humidity, using SPC wall panels can effectively prevent the wall from getting damp and moldy, while also providing a long-lasting decorative effect.

SPC is the abbreviation of Stone Plastic Composite. SPC is a new type of material with high technical content, a composite material composed of natural stone powder and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin. If you know SPC flooring, you will understand SPC wall panels better.

What Is Shower SPC Wall Panel? Features And Benefits?cid=17

Why are SPC wall panels suitable for bathroom installation?

Waterproof and moisture-proof: SPC bathroom wall panel material is completely waterproof, which makes it excellent waterproof and moisture-proof properties, suitable for use in humid environments such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Quick and clean installation: SPC wall panels can be placed directly over existing walls, such as ceramic tiles. SPC wall panel installation does not require cement, just use structural adhesive, which improves the installation efficiency by 3-5 times. If you are a builder, this will reduce labor costs even more.

Environmentally friendly and healthy: SPC bathroom wall panels are made of environmentally friendly materials. The entire production process does not contain formaldehyde, glue and other harmful substances, and is friendly to the human body and the environment.

What Is Shower SPC Wall Panel? Features And Benefits?cid=17

Super durable: The surface of SPC bathroom wall panels adopts a wear-resistant layer, which has strong wear resistance, is not easy to be damaged, and has a long service life.

Easy to clean: The surface of SPC bathroom wall panels is flat and smooth, easy to clean, not easy to accumulate dust, and kept clean and hygienic.

Good decorative effect: SPC bathroom wall panels can be surface decorated according to different design requirements. There are a variety of colors and textures to choose from, which can meet the needs of different decoration styles. SPC wall panels can imitate Carrara marble, wood, terrazzo and other materials.

In general, bathroom SPC wall panels are a comprehensive, easy-to-use, environmentally friendly and healthy wall decoration material. They are suitable for bathroom environments that require waterproofing and moisture-proofing, and provide an ideal choice for bathroom decoration.

DECNO GROUP LTD, as the pioneer of SPC wall panel category, has been committed to high-quality product OEM manufacturing services. If you want to know more about SPC wall panels, you can find us in the following ways!

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