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FAQs About SPC Rigid Core Click Flooring | DECNO

Nov. 27, 2023

01 Is SPC flooring eco-friendly?

SPC flooring is eco-friendly because it is made of stone-plastic composite material and does not contain harmful substances such as formaldehyde. However, specific products may vary, and it is best to check the materials and environmental certifications provided by the manufacturer.

02 Will SPC flooring affect indoor air quality (IAQ)?

SPC flooring has no formaldehyde, no heavy metals, and no VOCs. But when we choose SPC products, it is best to choose certified environmentally friendly products to ensure indoor air quality.

FAQs About SPC Rigid Core Click Flooring | DECNO

03 Can SPC be used on walls or ceilings?

SPC can be used on walls or ceilings. In order to better allow SPC decoration to be applied to the wall, the SPC wall panels developed by DECNO are very suitable for wall decoration, are waterproof and moisture-proof, and are a high-quality choice for various scenes such as bathrooms. Certain brands or types of SPC products do not support this type of application. To know more, you can contact DECNO team (professional manufacturer).

04 Can SPC flooring be used for floor heating?

Most SPC flooring can be used on underfloor heating systems, but it is best to check with the manufacturer before installation to ensure it is suitable for your specific underfloor heating system.

05 Can SPC flooring be covered on existing flooring?

SPC flooring can be installed on existing hard surfaces (such as cement, wooden floor, OBS board, ceramic tile, etc.) provided that the existing floor surface is flat, solid, and has no other defects. Make sure the sub-floor is clean before installation, and it is recommended to lay the moisture barrier under the SPC flooring.

06 What type of SPC flooring is suitable for wholesale?

This requires local market needs and customer preferences to select appropriate designs and specifications. The SPC flooring produced by DECNO sells well in 76 countries around the world, so the DECNO team proposes to provide many SPC flooring solutions with good quality and good price.

07 Is difference between the actual SPC flooring and the picture?

There will be differences between actual items and pictures as factors such as lighting, angle and monitor settings may affect color and appearance. It’s best to view a physical sample before purchasing to make sure it matches your expectations. DECNO provides free sample support, click here to pick your favorite colors.

FAQs About SPC Rigid Core Click Flooring | DECNO

08 How thick should SPC flooring be?

The popular thickness of SPC flooring on the market is usually between 3~6mm. The thickness of SPC flooring (wear layer, SPC core) affects the service life. Generally speaking, the thicker the floor, the longer the service life. You need to make a choice based on specific usage scenarios and crowd density.

09 How long does it take to install SPC flooring?

The installation time of SPC flooring depends on the size and complexity of the installation area. SPC flooring is faster and simpler to install than traditional floor materials, such as ceramic tiles and wooden floors. Generally speaking, if you are a skilled worker, you can install 200 ㎡ in 1 day. If you are a newbie, it will take more time to cover the same area.

10 Can I install SPC flooring myself?

There are many kinds of locks for SPC floors, and the installation methods are also different. For SPC floors with Unilin locks, you can click here! Some SPC flooring do not support DIY installation, and professional installers must be hired. Typically, your local flooring retailer will provide a service that includes installation.

FAQs About SPC Rigid Core Click Flooring | DECNO

11 How to clean and maintain SPC floors?

Cleaning and maintenance of SPC floors is usually simple. Use a soft-bristled brush or vacuum cleaner to remove surface debris, and wet mop regularly with a damp cloth. Avoid using too much water.

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