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DECNO丨Global Exhibition Footprints - 2023 The Endgame, 2024 Fully Powered

Dec. 15, 2023

The pandemics have impacted the economies of countries to varying degrees. In more than a year since control was relaxed, China's real economy has recovered rapidly, and exports have stabilized and increased. As the main force in promoting economic development, export enterprises are in a positive situation, and emerging international markets are in good shape.

In the past year, DECNO overcame all difficulties and showed our style at DOMOTEX Hannover in January 2023, made a stunning appearance at the Spring and Autumn Canton Fair, and gained a lot at DOMOTEX Shanghai in July. DECNO also appeared at the Dubai exhibition that just ended on December 7th... In the upcoming 2024, DECNO's exploration will not stop. We are fully prepared to continue to bring the DECNO mark to the United States, Europe and Central Asia, with the slogan of 'Your Reliable Manufacturer', continues to travel around the world at exhibitions...

DECNO丨Global Exhibition Footprints - 2023 The Endgame, 2024 Fully Powered

2023 - The Endgame

Beginning of the year - DOMOTEX Hannover

At DOMOTEX, the most influential floor coverings exhibition in Europe, DENCO performed well in just 4 days. We received hundreds of exhibitors and gained nearly 100 customers with cooperation intentions. Not only that, our professional sales team also European countries launched a 15-day visit to provide customers with the most valuable products and exclusive cooperation solutions.

Asia Pacific-Canton Fair

As a frequent visitor to the Canton Fair, DECNO has demonstrated its strength as a professional manufacturer in terms of booths, products, and staffing at the Canton Fair in the spring and autumn of 2023. The continuous customer visits and orders at the booth are the best proof of our long-term effort in the Canton Fair!

DOMOTEX-July in magical city

Why is DECNO’s booth so popular? Nearly 500 customers from 30 countries have come one after another, we have the latest SPC Wall Panels and floor-to-wall integrated solutions. No one can refuse innovative products and professional services. This is the answer.

DECNO丨Global Exhibition Footprints - 2023 The Endgame, 2024 Fully Powered

December-Trip to the Middle East

BIG 5 is the most influential building materials exhibition in the Middle East. DECNO has boldly launched a new explosive product with super high potential - Acoustic Wall Panel, together with SPC Wall Panels, DECNO has made great achievements in wall systems. Customers from various countries in the Middle East have shown great interest in the new products. The positive feedback from the market and the positive attitude of customers signify that DECNO has taken wall innovation and exploration to a new level.

DECNO丨Global Exhibition Footprints - 2023 The Endgame, 2024 Fully Powered

2024, Here We Come

See you again in Hannover - January

11 - 14 January 2024, Hannover DECNO BOOTH: Hall 21 D07. New opportunities are ready to go. At this DOMOTEX, DECNO not only reflects the design concept of "big home" at the booth, but also displays Acoustic Wall Panels and SPC Wall Panels with excellent market feedback, which not only makes a wall combination punch, but also extends the concept of "Home of Flooring"; old friends will appear in a new form with Hardwood SPC flooring, which is in response to the exhibition theme of "floored by nature". The first stop of the global footprint in 2024, Hannover, is counting down to one month!

DECNO丨Global Exhibition Footprints - 2023 The Endgame, 2024 Fully Powered

TISE, Followed Behind

January 24-26, Las Vegas DECNO BOOTH: #5479. As an international metropolis in the flooring, stone and ceramic industries, TISE is undoubtedly the vane of North American flooring materials. It brings together the latest industry products and the most popular resources. This trip will be worthwhile, at this year’s exhibition, WPC products returned to the DECNO booth. Multi-product and multi-functional categories with "wood" elements as the core will become the new main trend. Ultra-low water absorption expansion rate - waterproof laminate flooring, more waterproof than wood - Hardwood SPC and other wooden flooring categories will once again seize market opportunities. From floor to wall solutions, DECNO is here for you.

DECNO丨Global Exhibition Footprints - 2023 The Endgame, 2024 Fully Powered

MosBuild, Build Your Decorating Solution

2-5 April, Moscow. DECNO has been committed to improving its regional influence for many years, and this new experience in Moss will be a new exploration and opportunity. As the largest international architecture and interior decoration exhibition in Eastern Europe, MosBuild covers all fields of construction. DECNO's appearance will also continue to focus on SPC and Laminate Flooring - the strong player in the elastic and wood flooring segments. In addition to balancing performance and economical applicability, we will also continue to explore more possibilities for innovative flooring materials. DECNO is waiting for you in Moscow with new solutions for traditional products.

DECNO丨Global Exhibition Footprints - 2023 The Endgame, 2024 Fully Powered

2023 is coming to an end. With the trust of old customers and the support of new customers, DECNO's exhibition footprint has come to a successful end in Dubai; the 2024 exhibition season is approaching, and our global exhibition plan is also ready to go. Western Europe, Eastern Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific, DECNO is always on the way, stay tuned!

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