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134th Canton Fair - Came with Joy, Returned with Honor

Nov. 07, 2023

The "super large-scale" Canton Fair - the second phase of the 134th Canton Fair was launched in Guangzhou on October 23. Over 100,000 overseas buyers from 210 countries and regions around the world attended the exhibition, an increase of more than 50% over the same period of the previous session. The second phase of the exhibition had a total area of 515,000 square meters, 24,551 booths, and 9,674 exhibitors. The online exhibition approximately 1.1789 million exhibits were uploaded, reaching a record high in scale.

From the venue to the market; from domestic to international, DECNO relied on the much-anticipated "The Bridge of Trade" to create greater glory in just 5 days of the exhibition. The specially designed booth carefully designed for several months attracted new and old customers in droves. In just 5 days, it received as many as 315 customers, had in-depth communication with nearly 40 high-quality potential customers, and more than 30 old customers visited. Customers from nearly 30 countries and regions in South America, Europe and Southeast Asia gathered at the DECNO booth to explore new business opportunities.

DECNO-Finely Decorated Booths, Customers Come in Droves

4 popular products, 5 days, 38 major customers acquired, and in-depth communication with over 300 customers... The visits of medium and large customers, considerable trading volume, and busy salesmen all fully demonstrated our strong customer acquisition capabilities ability. New opportunities arise from in-depth communication with old customers and encounters with new customers. Encounters with many customers are inseparable from innovatively designed booth, media reports and full support from customers!

134th Canton Fair - Came with Joy, Returned with Honor

Trending Products are Coming - Acoustic Wall Panel & SPC Wall Panel

In order to fit in with the theme concept of "Integrate Home" of this Canton Fair, DECNO launched popular products with skyrocketing sales - highly decorative Acoustic Wall Panel and SPC Wall Panel products for multi-scenario applications, which made a splash at the Canton Fair. While being selected as a popular product at the Canton Fair, DECNO's outstanding performance at the Canton Fair has also received great attention and unanimous praise from the organizing committee. As an outstanding exhibitor, it has received official interviews and special reports, and has been vigorously promoted by mainstream social media platforms at home and abroad, the popularity and traffic of DECNO's booth has reached a higher level with the support of popular products, further increasing brand awareness.

134th Canton Fair - Came with Joy, Returned with Honor

Virtual Exhibition Tour– Combination of VR

In addition to the good performance at offline exhibitions, DECNO's online live broadcast platform was also at full capacity during this Canton Fair. Nearly 3,000 exhibits were uploaded and nearly 50 live broadcasts were launched. During this period, DECNO received nearly 50 buyer business cards, 20 instant negotiation and 1 offline appointment negotiation event... What is more worth mentioning is that we have created a new virtual exhibition hall for this exhibition to display service products and corporate image online, bringing a new experience to customers attending the exhibition online exhibition experience.

134th Canton Fair - Came with Joy, Returned with Honor

DECNO has been insisting on being a reliable floor & wall panel manufacturer for many years. The concept of winning service supports the continuous innovation and development of products. Through the bridge of the Canton Fair, we have always insisted on telling the Chinese story well and building an export brand, and also believe that with continuous product accumulation and innovation capabilities, every exhibition result can reach new heights!

The 134th Canton Fair we came with great joy, returned with honor; see you at the 135th Canton Fair.

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