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DECNO | 134th Canton Fair - Acoustic Wall Panel Supplier

Oct. 13, 2023

Are you looking for acoustic wall panels supplier at canton fair?

You must not miss DECNO #Booth 13.2 D27-28!

From October, 23rd to 27th, DECNO will bring its newly designed wall panels and flooring products in the phase 2 of the 134th Canton Fair (China's largest exhibition).

DECNO | 134th Canton Fair - Acoustic Wall Panel Supplier

What is acoustic wall panel?

Acoustic wall panels, also known as wooden slat wall panels, are decorative materials that have both acoustic and aesthetics. It can be used on walls, ceilings, etc.! Acoustic wall panels are popular in Europe, America, Australia, the Middle East, Asia..., and have continued to grow in sales. It is composed of MDF wood slats and acoustic PET panel. The wood slats can be covered with wood veneer, color film, paper and other materials to obtain a beautiful appearance.

DECNO | 134th Canton Fair - Acoustic Wall Panel Supplier

Where can acoustic panels be used?

Whether in commercial or residential acoustic wall panels can always be applied!

Commercial: Cinema; Auditorium; Meeting Room; AV Room; Museum; Library; Office, Restaurant; Hotel; School...

Residential: Bedroom, living room, corridor, kitchen, improved...

Why are acoustic wall panels popular?

1. Aesthetic design with acoustic functions: it can achieve effects such as sound absorption, sound insulation, noise reduction, and reverberation reduction.

2. Healthy and eco-friendly: The acoustic board material uses 100% recyclable polyester fiber material, and all wood comes from sustainable forest areas.

3. Diverse application scenarios: Whether it is for commercial or home use, it can easily improve the taste of space design.

4. Easy installation and low-maintenance: you only need nails and or glue, and one person can easily do it. Light material, DIY friendly!

DECNO | 134th Canton Fair - Acoustic Wall Panel Supplier

Why choose DECNO for manufacturing?

1. Professional and reliable: DECNO, one of the largest flooring and wall panel manufacturers in northern China, has 26 years of manufacturing and innovation experience! DECNO is a reliable partner of more than 600 brands, and its products are sold in 76 countries. Our production capabilities are beyond doubt!

2. Stable quality and fast delivery: DECNO has an automated production base and a professional quality control team. Each batch of products can withstand the test and become your reliable partner on the production and supply side.

3. Timely after-sales service: We have set up around-the-clock customer service personnel. When you need technical support and after-sales service, we will provide timely service guarantee. And we provide professional production of marketing tools under your brand, such as 3D marketing pictures, product brochures, packaging, display boards, etc.

DECNO | 134th Canton Fair - Acoustic Wall Panel Supplier

Welcome to DECNO #Booth 13.2 D27-28

We have prepared a rest space, free drinks, free samples and catalogs. Let’s meet in Guangzhou!

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