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DECNO's Trending Products Sparked A Frenzy丨DOMOTEX Asia

Jul. 27, 2023

Exciting News from DECNO booth(5.2 D68) at Domotex asia!

We are delighted to be part of this exhibition. The performance on the first day was nothing short of amazing. On the first day alone, we received more than 500 visitors from more than 30 countries! Many customers who visited our booth responded enthusiastically.

DECNO's 4 exclusive products sparked frenzied discussions on the spot. Let's take a closer look at these trending products again!

# Hardwood SPC Flooring - New Category, New Trend

A revolutionary combination of mineral core and high-quality hardwood veneer. Its appearance has epoch-making significance. Hardwood SPC Flooring retains the natural appearance of wood while achieving rock-like stability and solidity. It is resistant to water and heat, making it the most reliable choice for high-end flooring. Try hardwood SPC flooring, so that you will have no reasons to choose engineered wood flooring.

 DECNO's Trending Products Sparked A Frenzy丨DOMOTEX Asia

# SPC Wall Panels - The Perfect Alternative to Tiles

SPC wall panels have been booming in recent two years. SPC wall panels are not only impeccable in appearance, but also healthy and eco-friendly, and do not contain harmful substances such as formaldehyde. SPC wall panels with CNC engraving are the most popular and the best substitute for ceramic tile products. Not only does it get a tile-like look, but there's no grouting hassle, and installation is quick and easy. (The panels have interlock system) We can proudly say that our SPC wall panel production technology and innovation capabilities are in the leading position in the world.

 DECNO's Trending Products Sparked A Frenzy丨DOMOTEX Asia

# Water-resistant Laminate Flooring - Never worry about water intrusion again!

4 in 1 tech, strong water resistance: ①Water-Resistant Ultra-Core: High-density ultra-core, super stable and durable, moisture-resistant and not easy to mold, giving strong support to the floor. Watertight Joints: Tight installation system, densely connected to the floor, prevents water from seeping in through the gap. ③Wax Coating: Cooperating with the watertight joints, they work together to resist water, so that the side of the floor can be double protected. Hydrophobic Surface: Strong hydrophobicity, allowing water on the floor surface to aggregate into beads without leakage.

Solved the problem of the laminate floor being afraid of water! Bring greater value and market opportunities to brand owners or distributors!

 DECNO's Trending Products Sparked A Frenzy丨DOMOTEX Asia

# “6S”Diamond Surface SPC Flooring - Exclusive innovative multifunctional surface!

Anti-scratch+, Anti-stain+, Anti-bacterial+, Anti-slip+, Anti-UV+, Anti-cigarette burn+

Through the exclusive upgraded UV lacquer to achieve a multi-functional surface that is incomparable to other floors. This technology is currently only available in DECNO's factories.

 DECNO's Trending Products Sparked A Frenzy丨DOMOTEX Asia

In addition, if you are careful, you must have noticed that the floor, wall and ceiling of the DECNO booth are all decorated with SPC (Stone Polymer Composite) materials. DECNO applies SPC materials to the whole house, providing the best choice for integrated interior decoration materials.

 DECNO's Trending Products Sparked A Frenzy丨DOMOTEX Asia

DECNO manufacturing makes your brand more recognized and trusted!

If you haven't had a chance to come over yet, don't worry! 7.26-7.28, we are always here! (DECNO BOOTH: 5.2 D68) We are ready to welcome you with our best floor and wall panel solutions.

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